The Problem with Immortality

By Gary L.M. Martin

- 4.82 - 28 ratings.

In the 28th century, the human race has eternal life, and no reason to live. After living for hundreds of years, people have tried everything. Done everything. And they are bored with living.

An eccentric trillionaire named Francisco Odour hires Anson Ford, the top Fixer on the planet Earth, to find something worth living for. Anson will have to explore every facet of humanity to find an answer to the biggest problem the human race has ever faced. But Anson will also have to find his own reason to live. After rashly leaving Jennifer, his wife of 311 years, he realizes it was the biggest mistake of his life, and that he can't enjoy life without her. Can he win her back, and find a solution to humanity's crisis of eternal existence?

Note: This 163,000 word book will give you many hours of pleasure.

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