Parasites Love Earth

By Gary L.M. Martin

- 4.84 - 34 ratings.

This is the most erotic scifi horror novel you will ever read in your entire life. A ship crashes on Earth carrying the most dangerous parasites in the galaxy, including vampires who can drain peoples' genders, plants which take control of the human reproductive system, and pancake like creatures who take over human minds by riding on peoples' backs, and use them for their own reproductive purposes. Major Samantha Arden and Colonel Jack Sullivan of the United Survey Service must stop them, while coping with their own feelings for each other. When Sam gets Infected with a rider, Jack must make the biggest decision of all.

At nearly 900,000 words long (Version 12!), this is the longest novel you will ever read in your life. It is an EPIC read, but also an extremely easy one. It is also the largest erotic novel you will ever own. Note: This book has adult situations, mind control, bondage, alien experimentation, alien impregnation, and relations between adult family members. It is the most twisted erotic horror novel you will ever read in your entire life. Be prepared to be aroused and ABSOLUTELY HORRIFIED! This book is the sequel to Earth Girls Under Mind Control From Planet P.

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