The Greatest Galactic Movie Ever Made

By Gary L.M. Martin

- 4.10 - 5 ratings.

Aliens offer Earth the secret of the interstellar Star Drive. But first they have to get what they desperately want--an extremely entertaining remake of Star Wars. The team which can make the best picture will get the secrets of the Star Drive.

Hollywood gets to work, making a remake which is politically correct and full of identity politics. China creates its own remake, a Kung Fu version of Star Wars. In Sweden, an ABBA-like singers group make a musical version of the classic film.

Meanwhile in Australia, filmmaker Elias Martin thinks he knows how to make the best remake. But he will have to deal with studio politics, difficult personalities, and sabotage from outside sources in order to get his film made. If he wins, he will get the Star Drive, and be supremely rich and powerful, which is why the other teams go all-out to stop him.

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