A Game of Heroes

By Gary L.M. Martin

- 4.02 - 22 ratings.

Get ready to embark on an exciting, sensual adventure to a fantasy world where you never know what's going to happen next!

The Sultry Amazon Warrior
In the Hidden Valley, there is only one kind of forbidden love--between a man and a woman. When Elena, an Amazonian Harpy of the First Order, falls in love with her hunky man-servant, Davis, she never expected to be blackmailed, preyed upon, and forced into humiliating romantic servitude to her rival Lujeska, who claims Elena as her own.

The Scheming Wizard.
A mysterious wizard named Peine is trying to stop an invasion of ghoulish creatures from a different dimension. Or is he also helping them? Peine's allies seem to die just as quickly as his adversaries. People don't seem to live long when they hang around Peine!

The Young Prince
Worth is a young prince who has undeveloped powers of his own. He goes to fight the ghouls, but first must rescue Penny, the love of his life, from slavers who want to sell her as a love slave.

A Game of Heroes.
Can these heroes save Aridor? And who will take the throne? When the promise of power is at hand, no one can be trusted.

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