Journey to the World of Dreams

By Gary L.M. Martin

- 4.04 - 7 ratings.

Welcome to the Dreamdom of Sandis! When people go to sleep, their unconscious mental energy travels to a different plane of existence called the Dreamdom, where they recharge their mental energies before waking up in the morning. But powerful Dreamlords, lead by the King of Dreams and the Prince of Midnight take advantage of helpless dreamers to twist their minds and pull the levers of power in the waking world.

An orphan with a mysterious background named Thomas Arrandar develops unusual powers and fights the Dreamlords to free the dreamers. Thomas's new friend Shannon Telva is a luscious lesbian who also has a battle of her own to fight. As she finds herself more and more attracted to Thomas, Shannon has to choose between her sexy partner Alejandra and her increasing attraction towards men.

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