Braver Newer World

By Gary L.M. Martin

- 4.40 - 28 ratings.

The United States has become the Community, a government which always knows what is best for citizens. The Community created a paradise which was perfectly balanced in every way: racially, sexually, and with a perfectly equal distribution of income. The Community knows what is best for everyone, and therefore decides everything, what people eat, where they live, what job they work at, and even... who they love.

When Fredrik and Laura first arrive there from New Caledonia, they are amazed and excited. But then, Laura begins to change. Every night she is programmed, little by little, to love Fredrik less and less, and to fall in love with a seductress named Mary Elizabeth. At the same time, Fredrik is being slowly reprogrammed to fall out of love with Laura, and to fall in love with a sensual older woman named Madeline. Every night, during SleepTalk, Fredrik and Laura lose a little more of their love for each other, as sinister mind control techniques are used to make them irresistibly attracted to partners chosen by the Community, not themselves.

Fredrik wakes up and realizes what is being done to them. He fights to win Laura back. But is it too late?

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