Storm of Swords, The Ultimate Guide

By Gary L.M. Martin

- 4.29 - 12 ratings.

This is a detailed chapter by chapter, point by point analysis by Gary L.M. Martin, the grandmaster of fantasy and science fiction.

A sampling of the questions which will be addressed:

Did Margaery know of the plan to have Joffrey killed?
How did Jeyne Westerling seduce Robb?
The real reason why Jaime's hand was cut off.
Why are Unsullied called Unsullied?
Why does Melisandre say that Davos works for R'hllor?
What happened to Craster's 18 wives left behind?
Do the zombies snack on Craster's babies like Doritos?
Why does R'hllor keep reviving Beric?
The real reason the Hound hates knights.
Why has Prince Oberyn waited so long to get justice for his murdered sister Elia?
How can brainwashed Unsullied really make the choice to work for Dany?

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