Feast for Crows, The Ultimate Guide

By Gary L.M. Martin

- 4.37 - 10 ratings.

This is a detailed chapter by chapter, point by point analysis by Gary L.M. Martin, the grandmaster of fantasy and science fiction.

Why didn't Jaime want Cersei to give him the Hand job?
Why do the Ironmen call sex slaves "salt wives"?
How could Margaery possibly be a virgin?
Why do the Silent Sisters have private parts that are "cold and as wet as ice"?
Why is it called the House of "White and Black"?
Why do kings let themselves be cut by the Iron Throne?
What is the symbolism of Euron's eye patch?
Why do Faceless Men have to be "no one"?
Why isn't Jaime upset that Lancel had sex with Cersei?
Why did the Hound let the monks cut the balls of his horse?

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