Dance with Dragons, The Ultimate Guide

By Gary L.M. Martin

- 4.54 - 8 ratings.

This is a detailed chapter by chapter, point by point analysis by Gary L.M. Martin, the grandmaster of fantasy and science fiction.

Does Tyrion really expect to find Shae by asking "where whores go"?
How did blind Arya know that it was the Kindly Man who had been beating her with a stick?
Did Theon have his cock cut off?
Why did Tyrion repeatedly rescue Jorah Mormont?
Why did Dany choose Daario to be a Yunkai hostage?
Who killed Little Walder?
Did Ramsay Bolton make Arya have sex with a dog?
Why is this book called "A Dance with Dragons?"
How many people did Arya kill in this book?
Why is Stannis stuck in the snow when no one else is?
Why didn't Jon Connington cut off his greyscale fingers?
Why does Roose Bolton not mind if Ramsay kills his kids?

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