Clash of Kings, The Ultimate Guide

By Gary L.M. Martin

- 4.24 - 14 ratings.

This is a detailed chapter by chapter, point by point analysis by Gary L.M. Martin, the grandmaster of fantasy and science fiction.

A sampling of the questions which will be addressed:

Why did Stannis switch gods?
Why doesn't Stannis cut off Salladhor Saan's fingers?
How does the raven post office system work?
Why doesn't Tyrion have Littlefinger arrested for falsely accusing him of murder?
Why is urinating called "making water"?
What does it mean when Craster's wife "licks her lips"?
Why does Theon's sister Asha squeeze his cock repeatedly?
Why did Renly offer Stannis a peach?
What did Dany learn from the warlocks of Qarth?
Why did the Hound cry when Sansa sang him a lame girly song?

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